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The Organizing Committee is happy to invite you to the first International Conference on Renewable Energies and Smart Technologies (REST 2022). REST aims to become an international forum and bring together researchers and engineers involved in renewable energies and smart technologies to share ideas and cutting-edge innovation. In particular, REST targets applied research from both academia and industry. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

#REST-22 Conference

Renewable Energy

  • Conventional and innovative inertia-based Renewable Energy Sources (RESs), i.e., Hydropower, Tidal, Geothermal, Biomass, Biogas
  • Inverter-based RESs, i.e., Wind and Solar
  • Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Hybrid renewable generation solutions
  • Complementarity between RESs
  • Control and management of RESs
  • Impact of RESs on power system dynamics
  • Energy transition and climate neutrality
  • Life cycle and environmental impact assessment of RESs

#REST-22 Conference

Smart Grid Control, Operation & Planning

  • Network digitalization and smart metering infrastructures
  • Distribution grid observability, automation, and supply quality
  • Protection schemes, islanding, and microgrids operation
  • Data management, forecasting, and optimization for energy systems
  • Decentralized and distributed control solutions for energy systems
  • Flexibility services and demand response programs
  • Frequency regulation and control under high penetration of RESs
  • Security of supply and generation adequacy in renewable-based systems
  • Ensuring grid stability with FACTS and HVDC solutions
  • Black start capability and emergency power reserves
  • Multi-Terminal HVDC grid
  • Internet of Things in smart grids
  • Grid modeling and simulations

#REST-22 Conference

Electricity Markets and Energy Policy

  • Market design for active users-implementation and regulation
  • Integrating RESs into existing and new electricity markets
  • Flexibility markets-regulations and standards
  • Decision-making under uncertainty in electricity markets
  • Energy efficiency requirements in new or renovated buildings

#REST-22 Conference

Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Technologies

  • Sector coupling- P2X    
  • Electric mobility solutions and charging infrastructure
  • Energy management- prosumers, energy communities, and aggregators
  • Energy storage and applications
  • Integrated approaches and solutions for energy efficiency