Women in Power and Energy – Thriving in the Workplace as a Female Leader.

Zeenat Hameed
Jiawei Wang
Jelena Ponoćko


Arijeta Pajaziti
Entela Ponari
Marija Zima-Bockarjova


IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) Denmark and UK&Ireland committees are parts of the IEEE PES WiP Region 8. The goal of WiP is to raise awareness on gender balance and to support the career advancement, leadership, networking, and education of women in the fields of power and energy.

This session will allow participants to discuss the challenges women face in the workplace environment especially in leadership roles and give them an opportunity to hear ways to overcome these obstacles. A special focus will be on the diverse stories from female leaders coming from different parts of the world and holding esteemed positions in industry or academia. This discussion is essential to encourage young and aspiring women in the field of power and energy by connecting them to potential female role models and mentors they can look up to, learn from, and network with to advance their future careers. The key discussion points in the session would be:

  1. Overcoming conscious and unconscious gender bias in a male-dominated workplace
  2. Tips, advice, and opportunities for climbing up the ladder from a female student to a female leader in the domain of power and energy
  3. Maintaining work-life balance as a female leader
  4. Responsibilities of a female leader towards fellow leaders and the younger generation
Jelena Ponoćko
Shi You


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